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Crush 20 wonderful years appeared with Tadeusz Kąkol long ago. Movies, old photos and a wonderful view of the model Bentley born in Cannes desire to have something so unique and beautiful as the old, elegant car.


Buying and restaurant were not part of the original copy of the game, he would be in too bad shape and useful enough to use it on a daily basis and over longer distances. The intention was to make a car from the ground up based on modern components, but where the whole body would be antique-style. Work on the first instance of a lasting seven years. Frame chassis designed for today's late Eng. Kwiatkowski from Katowice, creator of the legendary Sołdek. Then came the time for tedious fitting of the chassis. The car had to be fully efficient, safe and easy to use. Involved so modern technology: Honda engine, modern components and laminates. Body and equipment also had to be fully functional, but in retro style. So I used the best quality leather upholstery, a special material to cover the retractable roof, chrome. Many items were made by hand, all that was done with passion and reverence. The result for this was great, and the first journey Nestor Baron - impressed to this day a memorable one.


Since then it's been 15 years. Manufacturing was established, which was built a few dozen cars Nestor Baron in various versions, including pick-up, Hot Rod, Grandma's Cupboard and Nestor Baron Sports Concept.


However, the most attention is the owner of the production tested models Baron. They are made to order, in various body styles as well as self-assembly kits. But always in the garage is a few, ready to ride. Sometimes the property in Borków embarks on the path motorcade retro and sits behind the wheel of a positive way a group of friends in costumes of bygone, beautiful era. I eat like this in front of him, feeling the wind in your hair and on their faces, seeing the friendly attention of people, meeting smile and love the look, often incredulous. And all this with the sound of swing sheet music from that era.


Many celebrities, actors, musicians used the ride with a feeling of great joy. Cars also take part in all sorts of parades, rallies, exhibitions and even race on tracks in Kielce and Poznan, earning diplomas and cups. The idea of retro car production was recognized as the Hit of the Year 2008 in Pomerania. In 2011, the company got the Pearl Nestor Baron Kashubian, and creator of the brand Nestor Baron Tadeusz Cockle was entered into the global version of the book Who's Who.