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Set "half-ready"



Price: From 9300 Euro to 10465 Euro
Timeline for implementation: to 45 days

Unpainted, not varnished, without upholstery and carpets, without the dashboard and clocks, no lights front and rear without front and rear bumpers, no chrome and finishes ornamental, with no roof, no windscreen mounted, without the entry into service, the vehicle can start, check systems of the above, the test drive in the parking lot property

Four-bedded car Nestor Baron, in the raw state before the electrics, upholsterer, and painter.

Brief description the scope of work:

  1. Implementation framework for an open floor body with adaptation to mount chassis and propulsion of the Polonaise Rover engine
  2. Fitting the entire propulsion system of the Polonaise, which The Principal will provide (work will include disassembly and assembly, and adapting the framework of the aforementioned power train with the Polonaise) including rebuilding the front axle and mount the whole set. back the entire set. engine and gearbox.
  3. Disassembly and assembly in the frame cpl. Braking system, mounted a new steering column (maglownicy) new terminal bars - the materials of the Contractor.
  4. Mounting of brake-venting systems, mounting fuel system, engine assembly fixture, fitting Fuel tank (tank Employer).
  5. Mounting the radiator and fan provided by the Principal.
  6. Dismantling, rebuilding and installation of the heater (no distribution heat).
  7. Dismantling, rebuilding and installation of pedantry (pedals: clutch, brake and gas).
  8. Fabrication and installation of door hinges, door handles, the implementation of fixing the body, resin folding and sprain.
  9. Disassembly, alteration (adaptation of the electrical installation for a launch vehicle).
  10. Implementation cursory geometry for the front wheels along with the implementation springs, wishbone front of the Contractor's material.
  11. Removing the front seat frames, the redaction of the execution skeletons and the basis adapted to the vehicle.
  12. Implementation of the windscreen mountings ready for installation meets the safety requirements for windscreen without installation.
  13. Implementation of the dashboard is Client (with clock).
  14. Passing the body, all bolts, nuts, washers will be coated steel (ocynkiem) and belong to the contractor.
  15. The vehicle will be ready (ready to be fired, to start the engine, efficient fuel system, efficient cooling, heating, braking and steering).
  16. Implementation of all alterations, fixtures, etc. belong to the Contractor.


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